I am currently working on my first solo independant project: Maia a space colony management simulator.

Maia Simon Roth


  • Ported major independant title VVVVVV from flash to C++ on OS X, Linux and Windows.
  • One year in indie development as a technical artist and programmer.
  • Two years AAA game development as a technical artist and programmer.
  • A year in independent games development as an artist.
  • Two years in simulations (serious games).
  • Internship at Natural Motion as a software developer.
  • BA Computer Animation and Visualisation at the NCCA.
  • Roughly four years of freelance work for games and film.


My linkedin profile


C++: In depth knowledge of object oriented software design, STL, templated meta programming and design patterns.

Opengl: Full understanding of next gen shader techniques, AAA game rendering pipelines.

C# and WPF

GLSL, HLSL, CG , Renderman SL

Other: Php, C, Melscript, Python, PyMel, Lua.

Modelling, UV mapping, Texture painting, Matte painting.


Visual studio.

Lightwave, Maya, Z-brush, Photoshop, Shake.

Email me for a quote and examples of work.

Simon -at- machinestudios.co.uk


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